How to Buy A Verification Checkmark on Facebook and Instagram


A month ago, and in line with its unoriginal approach that we have seen in the past, Meta copied Twitter Blue by launching paid blue badges – the Meta Verified subscription service that provides a verified checkmark next to a user’s username on either Facebook or Instagram.

At the start, the service was available in Australia and New Zealand. However, this has expanded because the service is also accessible to Facebook and Instagram users in the US.

The cost of the service is either $11.99 per month if subscribed through the web or $14.99 if through a mobile app store. If you choose the former option, you can only obtain a blue checkmark for Facebook, while the latter includes Instagram as well.

Besides the verification badge, the service provides:

  • proactive impersonation protection
  • direct access to customer support
  • exclusive stickers (Telegram does the same thing too with its Premium subscription)
  • 100 Stars per month on Facebook for showing support to other creators.

To use Meta Verified, you must be at least 18 years old and complete a verification process that involves providing a photo ID and enabling two-factor authentication.

If you want to update your profile information such as your name, photo, username, or date of birth, you’ll need to go through the verification process again.

To start using Meta Verified in the said countries:

  • access your account settings on Facebook or Instagram and click on Accounts Center.
  • If the paid verification service is available for your account, you’ll see “Meta Verified available” displayed under your name and profile picture.
  • Proceed to add a payment method, complete the verification process, and you’re all set.

If you’re already verified on Facebook or Instagram, you won’t have to pay for Meta Verified, at least not until the legacy verification badges are phased out.

The same steps can be followed once the service expands to more countries, including Kenya.

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