WhatsApp Spam Messages Can Be Blocked Without Opening the App

Blocking WhatsApp spam messages

In recent months, WhatsApp has been working to enhance privacy and security for its users. These efforts continue with WhatsApp announcing a new feature that enables blocking spam messages from unknown contacts without opening them.

Usually, when one receives a WhatsApp message from an unknown contact you have to open it. Upon opening the message, you are presented with the options to block the contact if you deem it as spam.

Old Way to Block Spam

Now, in the event a spam message pops up on your lock screen, you have the option to long-press the notification. This will present you with a number of options, including the one to block the sender right then and there.

Secondly, you can go ahead and report a contact. The messaging app displays a secondary prompt. Here, a user can tap the checkbox for “Report contact” and then hit “Block” in the pop-up window.Due to the update, users don’t need to interact with a spam chat.

Image From WhatsApp

This is actually a great step as one may end up clicking a phishing link. Secondly, spam messages may sometimes have persuasive language that pushes people to take a step they may end up regretting.Now, all those snake oil merchants and AIM global outreach specialists can be blocked and reported with little hassle. You don’t need to know how to make quick dollars every week.

Last year, Meta had hinted that spam messages will come with an overlay warning screen that will prominently appear above a user’s chat window when they receive spam messages. The feature had been introduced to beta testers. That has yet to be rolled out and might have been shelved.

WhatsApp has introduced a number of new features including a a quick file share feature for users near each other.

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