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POC exploit for Android Signature Vulnerability Released in the Wild

Earlier this month Bluebox Security discovered a critical security issue with the Android OS. Researchers at the firm had found out that the mobile...

Qualcomm making Smartphone for the visually impaired and the blind

The visually impaired and blind persons depend on an array of specialty devices to use their Smartphones.These devices include; audio book-readers, color readers, navigation...

Android App Review: SMART SHORTCUTS (IDEOS u8150 Series)

Home Screen Shortcut Management: Overview The native android 2.2 home screen interface comprises of a dedicated shortcut launcher for the "phone/applications menu/native-browser" services found at...
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My Take on Android OS, the New Phenomenon

When someone says "Android", you first think of this really cool smartphone operating system and also Google(the owner) Well, Android has become a phenomenon since...

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