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april fools day pranks

Clever Pre-April Fool’s Stunts Pulled By Brands This Year on Twitter

It is April 1st and this means two things: Some people are busy planning to prank other people and others are trying as hard...
April Fools Day

Top 5 April Fool’s Day 2018 Pranks by Corporates Around the World

April Fool's Day is the defacto pull a prank day and in the recent past, the pranks have moved from just between friends to...
Samsung Smart Eco Tree

Samsung today announced a new Smart Companion product: Eco Trees

Not to be outdone by peers in the industry, Samsung was also hard at work on a smart product for April 1 announcement. Powered...
Nokia microwave

Nokia announces Microwave with Optical Food Stabilization and Wireless charging

In a twist of events owing to dwindling fortunes..... We all know this is April fools and it's over in my time-zone  so I need...
youtube shutdown

Google pranks users on YouTube’s shutdown in April Fools’

It's April Fool's again, and the first victims are youtubers. Google has uploaded a video saying that all along, Youtube was a video contest...
April Fools' Day Pranks

April fools day pranks

Hallo there, You, yes you!. I know you have been planning for this day since last year when you were given a 10 nil...