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5 Defining Moments in Mobile

Android and iOS today account for the two biggest mobile platforms on the planet. However, things have not always been like this. If we...
Tizen OS

Samsung to out first Tizen Smartphone in Q3 2013 – J.K Shin

In an interview with Wall Street Journal, Samsung's global head of mobile J. K. Shin revealed that Samsung will be releasing a Tizen based...

Is The World Ready for New Mobile Operating Systems?: Tizen and Others

Tizen This is one upcoming mobile OS that I don’t know much about as a result of both lack of interest (my experience with Bada,...

Is The World Ready for New Mobile Operating Systems?

So far the world has seen a serious shift in focus from traditional methods of computing using desktop computers and laptops and in early...
Bada vs Windows phone

Bada OS did better than Windows phone in Q3 sales- Gartner

This third quarter Gartner Report on Mobile phones has a story it's telling on how the market-share is like. And quite noticeable is the scale that...
Samsung Bada 2.0

Samsung launches Bada 2.0 with NFC and multitasking

Samsung Bada 2.0 was unveiled on February in the mobile world congress. The Bada 2.0 SDK, launched yesterday by Samsung is Samsung's own OS,...