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M-Pesa Daraja not working

M-Pesa Daraja API to Experience Limitations

Daraja API is an Application Programming Interface that creates a bridge for payment integration to web and mobile apps. In a web app, it...
M-Pesa Ecosystem Supporting Over 1 Million Businesses in Africa

M-Pesa Ecosystem Supporting Over 1 Million Businesses in Africa

The M-Pesa ecosystem is proving to be a crucial infrastructure for businesses and customers on the African continent. Currently, M-Pesa is enabling more than...

Safaricom Introduces New Privacy Feature for M-PESA Merchants’ Customer Data Access

Merchants will now receive customer's first name, transaction ID and  a redacted customer's phone number.

Safaricom Moves to Improve Lipa Na M-Pesa Payments in Supermarkets

One of the biggest hurdles Safaricom has struggled to overcome has been with the Lipa Na M-Pesa process, especially at supermarkets. Aside from requiring...

Bringing Convenience to Commuters; How BuuPass Does it Through APIs and Partnerships

Formerly known as Magic Bus, BuuPass has quickly grown into a startup making major strides, partly thanks to a $1 million cash prize they...

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