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Digital Certificates Kenya

Digital Certificates will boost Trust in eCommerce – CS Owalo

Cabinet Secretary for ICT, Mr. Eliud Owalo has affirmed that eCommerce will play a leading role in business growth. Speaking at the launch of...
credit card payment systems ecommerce solutions

The Case of Cash on Delivery Running E-commerce in Kenya

E-commerce has been around for quite a while. In developed countries, it carries the day as being more popular than brick and mortar shopping. For...

Jumia sees surge in E-commerce in Rural Kenya with electronics as fastest selling Commodities

E-commerce has been growing in the local market with players such as Jumia, Olx and Kilimall leading in the market. The Communications Authority of...
Safaricom online shopping

Safaricom to venture into e-commerce, online shop to launch this month

Several of us have been wishing to get a chance to buy online, mostly electronics like phones, have a database that you can use to search...

Ecommerce in Kenya, lets go oldschool

What drives sales in a website if i may ask? Selling online in Kenya seems the hottest thing that every Tom, Dick and Harry...