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Ethiopia Intends To Issue Two Additional Licences to Break Up Ethio Telecom’s Monopoly

Yesterday, the Ethiopian Communications Authority kicked off their public consultation process prior to issuing new telecommunications licences. This move signals the move by the regulator...

Safaricom Taking M-Pesa Services to Ethiopia

On 17th of July, Reuters reported that Safaricom was in "advanced talks" with the Ethiopian government to take the mobile money service, M-Pesa to Ethiopia....

Kenyan Techie Contracted to Work in Ethiopia Dies in Jail amid Diplomatic Fails

Yesterday, Nailab CEO Sam Gichuru brought to light an issue that had been ongoing for more than two years. The story is that of...

Ethiopians Risk Imprisonment If They Use Social Media During State Of Emergency

One of the things that have been banned in Ethiopia is the use of social media and it carries a risk of being jailed

Ethiopia is the Latest Country to Block Access to Social Networking Sites

Countries blocking Internet access has taken limelight these past few users and the authorities have different reasons of doing that. Since social networking sites...
Robert Ngeru, COO Samsung EEA

Samsung launches the Galaxy S 4 in Kenya

Samsung's flagship device of 2013, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 has finally had it's launch in Kenya. This follows a global launch and a...

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