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33 Million Feature Phones Are Connected to Mobile Networks in Kenya

It has emerged that many Kenyans are still hanging onto their feature phones. This has been the case for an extended period of time,...
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Only 26 Million Smartphones Are Accessing Mobile Networks in Kenya as Feature Phones Lead

Postpay and Prepaid Services in Kenya Have you ever asked yourself how many Kenyans use post-pay services? Well, the numbers are quite low because the market...
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Samsung Records Massive Year on Year Phone Sales in Africa, Transsion Still the Leader in 2019

Phones are still one of the most popular pieces of technology in the planet and they sell by the hundreds of millions around the...
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Smartphones are now 50% of mobile phones sold in Kenya

Smartphones in Kenya are now crossing the 50% mark in sales compared to their feature phone partners. This is such a huge progress showing that users are either more aware or there is more options for them. Several factors are attributed to this growth in a market that one would assume had different priorities than productivity in the mobile phone.

South Africans Set To Manufacture Smartphones and Tablets locally

South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria are the leading markets in Africa's growing mobile market. According to a recent Ericsson report, consumers from both these...