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60.2 Percent of Kenya’s Fixed Data Users are Connected Via Fibre

The number of Kenyans using fixed data has been increasing over the last couple of years. Zuku, which is owned by the Wananchi Group,...
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Kenya Power Thinks It Can Connect Your Rural Home to Fibre

Kenya Power believes that it is in a better position to distribute high-speed internet to the rural parts of the country. This is not news,...
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Safaricom Introduces New Fibre Plans for Business Customers, and They Are Not Cheap

Safaricom fibre services and related products have been around for a while. The FTTH (to the home) is the most popular product and serves...
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A First for Africa, Liquid Telecom Connects East to West with High Capacity Land Fiber

Liquid Telecom has announced a direct land-based fibre link connecting East and West Africa. The development, which creates a coast-to-coast digital corridor goes live...

Operators from Europe, Asia, Africa Launch High Capacity Undersea Cable System

17 global operators have drawn an agreement to launch a high capcity undersea broadband cable system connecting Europe, Asia and Africa. The project is...
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Google Project Link Will Turbocharge Kampala’s Internet Service

Google has installed a fiber-optic backbone that will see a dramatic improvement of internet connectivity in Kampala. Dubbed Project Link, the new network was...
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AccessKenya sets more millions for fibre deployment in 2013

Internet is the next frontier, and AccessKenya has decided to push in more investment to widen the infrastructure installation. The ISP made an announcement...