Mwango Capital FBI Complaint and FOIA after account hack

Kenyan Firm Engages FBI to Strengthen Its Position in Dispute with X Corp

On  Wednesday the 30th of August 2023, a Kenyan financial research firm lost access to its X account. The hack on its account sent...

Facebook Struggling to Keep Up With New International Privacy Regulations

Facebook has been having a really tough time this past few years with increasing scrutiny and new privacy regulations across the globe. The social media...

GDPR Laws Drive Twitter to Switch Non-EU Users Across the Pond to California

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) by the European Union(EU) came into effect last year and Twitter is now planning to move its non-EU and non-U.S...
British Airways

British Airways is Facing a Record £183m Fine Over Data Breach

British Airways, the well known UK airline is facing a serious fine over a data breach that happened last year. The airline is apparently facing...
microsoft edge internet explorer

Microsoft is Pushing for a Robust Privacy Framework in the U.S. on GDPR’s First Anniversary

Europe has been at the forefront in ensuring that the region has an airtight data protection framework. The continent implemented the General Data Protection...
Facebook's Mark Zukerberg

Hillary Clinton Wants to Run Facebook,GDPR Mayhem,Spiegel’s Shade and Other Tech Stories from This Week

In this week's Clicked, we delve in how companies are panicking in reaction to GDPR,Papua New Guinea banning Facebook but not with good intentions,Facebook...

Clicked : Roundup of Tech News from GDPR, Facebook, Alexa, Youtube Music to Spotify

Clicked is a roundup of links to consumer tech articles we read covering everything from GDPR, social media, gadgets/devices to streaming services. GDPR GDPR came...

General Data Protection Regulation: What Kenyans Need to Know

In about a month, this new law will be in place and may change how you deal with your customers’ data or how you...

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