Facebook Struggling to Keep Up With New International Privacy Regulations

Facebook can't keep up with the flood of new privacy regulations surrounding personal data processing across the globe


Facebook has been having a really tough time this past few years with increasing scrutiny and new privacy regulations across the globe.

The social media giant is now failing to keep up and comply with user data privacy and security regulations in various regions and countries. Its platforms under the Meta umbrella including Instagram and WhatsApp have collected so much user data that powers its advertising business that its engineers do not know where it is to be tracked.

Leaked documents say that Facebook engineers do not know where that data goes once it’s been collected. According to the documents, the engineers say that the increasing international privacy laws the company is battling with feel like a tsunami.

Not only do they have to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the recently agreed on Digital Market Act but also with privacy regulations from over 100 countries including the latest ones from Europe and India from last year which surprised Facebook.

All these compliance requirements are choking the company with Meta threatening to shut down Instagram and Facebook in Europe early this year.

The US, EU Agree On Revised Privacy Shield Data Transfer Flow

Legislators are increasingly coming up with stricter laws to safeguard users’ data across the globe and Facebook is failing to be transparent and show regulators that it will not use “X” user data for “Y” purposes.

Facebook says that it is facing data lineage issues according to the document and that its plans can’t handle second-party data issues and that it will have to rebuild its ad system and internal processes.

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