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Google Commits Millions in Education, Entrepreneurship and Women Empowerment in Kenya

Google has committed millions of shillings in grants that will be committed in Africa for SME's, education and women empowerement in Africa
google android module

Google Introduces Module To Help People Understand Android

Google has partnered with the GSM Association (GSMA) to introduce a new Android training module to improve digital literacy. The training module is geared to...
Google Chrome new update

Google Chrome Update Promises Upto 10% Performance Improvement

Google Chrome received some nice improvements under its hood today that are geared for more performance across the board. Profile Guided Optimization First its performance which...

Google Responds to the Gmail Outage Experienced Today in Kenya

  Today, a number of critical Google services that people use daily had severe outages and this inconvenienced a lot of people.- It affected services...
google services like gmail are down

Gmail, Google Drive and other Google Services Hit By Outage

Gmail, Google Drive and other Google Services are experiencing downtimes globally according to user reports on social media. When you check Down Detector, Google services...

Act Surprised: Google Likely to Merge Duo Into Meet

Google has too many messaging apps, and it has never managed them well. The latest development is that it will axe Duo and focus on Meet.

Google’s Top Search Results Found to Be Mostly Google Stuff

Google is inarguably the biggest search engine in the world and we have turned their name into a verb. It is also Alphabet's biggest...

All New Devices With Low RAM to Feature Android 11 Go Edition – Google

Google will now require devices with low RAM launching later this year to come with Android 11 Go Edition. Android Go was launched in 2017...
Google Chrome new update

Google Disables Chrome’s RAM Reducing Feature Due To a Major Drawback

  Google has decided to disable the hyped RAM reducing feature for Chrome because it had a serious side effect. The RAM reducing feature was detailed...
Huawei Nova 7i

You Can Actually Live on an Android Smartphone Lacking Google’s Apps and Services. Here’s How I Did It:

Huawei is in quite a pickle in regards to the smartphone market and generally in the telecom industry. Early last year, US President Donald...
TECNO Pouvoir 4

Android 11 Beta Now Available for the TECNO Pouvoir 4

Android 11 Beta was quietly announced in June so that developers adapt their apps ahead of the official and stable launch in September. Android 11...
Infinix Hot 9 Play Android 10 Go Edition

Android 10 Adoption Faster Than Any Previous Android Version

Android 11 is lasted to launch on September 8th and Google is looking back at the progress Android 10 has made since launch last...
covid-19 ios android exposure notifications

Google and Apple Silently Add COVID-19 Exposure Notifications

Google and Apple have added the COVID-19 Exposure Notifications option on both iOS and Android as a silent background update. Today, people have noticed these...
google for startups accelerator 2020

6 Kenyan Startups Chosen for Google’s Startups Accelerator Africa 2020

Google has announced the new class of startups that have been selected for this year's Startups Accelerator 2020, which was formerly known as Launchpad. This...
kenyans working

Google’s COVID-19 Mobility Report Reveals Kenyans Are Slowly Going Back to Work

COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed how we live our daily lives. Some of us are working from home, we now wear masks while going...
YouTube Explore Tab

Safaricom Goes to the Masses with New Ultra-Cheap YouTube Bundle

When they are not giving you a cheap phone that you can pay for as little as KES 20 per day, carrier Safaricom and...

Google Meet versus Messenger Rooms: Which is a Better Video Conferencing Solution?

Video calling or conferencing apps have been making a killing since the start of the year. The popularity of these apps can mainly be...
Google sued for tracking in incognito mode

Google Sued for Kshs 500 Billion For Tracking Users in ‘Incognito’ Mode

Google has been sued in the United States over claims that it illegally invades the privacy of users by tracking people who are browsing...
google duo

Google Duo Video Calls Will Become Much Better Thanks to New Tech

Google Duo, the company's video calling platform is going to be a whole lot better thanks to a new codec. The company says that in...
home office

Google Data Shows Kenyans Have Stayed 17% More at Home Due to Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced Kenyans to stay more at home and this has been shown quite well from Google data. Kenya announced its first...

Google Loon and Telkom Kenya Get Approval to Rollout Commercial 4G Internet to Remote Areas

Kenya has signed an agreement with Google Loon which will provide internet access to Kenyans as they work from home during the coronavirus pandemic. This...

G Suite Cracks the Staggering 2 Billion Users Mark

G-Suite is Google's productivity suite that includes apps like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides and more and it has quietly passed a major milestone. According to...
Coronavirus disease COVID-19

[UPDATED] Impact of Coronavirus(COVID-19) on Tech Companies So Far

  Coronavirus(COVID-19) caused by SARS-CoV-2 has brought panic across the world. The viral outbreak occurred just before the Lunar New Year in China - a time...

Why Your Private WhatsApp Chat Groups Aren’t That Private

WhatsApp has had its own security issues such as the alleged hack of Jeff Bezos phone by Sudi Arabia and the vulnerability that allowed...

Google Warns Huawei Customers Not to Sideload Its Android Apps on New and Uncertified Devices

On Friday evening, Google addressed the Huawei ban in a report they published that also clarified their current situation with Huawei. In 2019, Donald...
lake turkana wind power project

Google Cancels Plans to Buy into Lake Turkana’s Wind Power Project

Google cancelled plans to buy a stake in Africa's largest wind farm after delays in the project, Danish wind turbine maker said. "Due to delays...

Google Reveals For The First Time How Much Money YouTube Generates

YouTube is a beheamoth. It always ranks in the top 3 of search results and has a huge following. It is also the biggest...
Google maps traffic

Performance Artist Uses 99 Smartphones to Create Fake Traffic on Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the well known tools that Google offers to everyone for free. We use it for directons to a point...
Google Project Dragonfly

Another Year. Another Messaging App From Google

With apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams gaining popularity in the corporate and enterprise world, Google is looking to take a bite of the...

Google to Charge Government Agencies for User Data Access as Requests Hit Record High

Tech companies hold enormous volumes of data. The data is used for various money-making projects (through user consent, although you may not know what...

Google’s Policing of Rogue Mobile Loan Apps is Hardly Effective and It Shows

A couple of days ago, it emerged that many loan apps were running their trade normally, with their tools live in Google Play Store...

Clicked: Alphabet Joins the Trillion-Dollar Club Plus More ICYMI Tech Stories

It has been a rollercoaster this past week in terms of what tech giants have been up to and Clicked is here to break...
Google Photos

Google Photos Has a Neat Feature to Help You Relive the Best Moments of 2019

Google Photos, a photo-sharing and storage service from the Mountain View-based tech giant has a really neat feature for its users as the year...
Google Chrome Watchlist Succession

Watchlist Will Let You Keep up With Succession Straight From Google’s Search

Google's search function on the web and its apps provides so much information thanks to the Knowledge panel. Google Search is about to get...
google loon

Google Loon Signs Overflight Agreement with Uganda’s Government

Google Loon has signed an overflight agreement with Uganda as they work towards the provision of service in the region.