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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

DuckDuckGo Gets a Huge Endorsement from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Privacy. This topic has been the taken centre stage this year as companies rushed to introduce features that ensure users privacy is taken seriously....
outlook Logo

Microsoft is Testing Google Services Integration in Outlook

Outlook is one of Microsoft's most recognizable service's especially in the corporate world. Many professionals rely on Outlook to sort out their multitude of...
RCS on Android

Google RCS Chat is WhatsApp’s True Competitor, Here is How to Activate it

RCS is an upgrade to traditional SMS text messaging which includes features you see on regular messaging apps like WhatsApp. This is done on...
Chrome App

Google Chrome Will Soon Shame Slow Websites and Reward Optimized Ones

Google has just announced that its browser app, Chrome will soon start to identify and label slow websites while rewarding optimized websites. When browsing...
google station south africa

South Africa Becomes the Second African Country to Get Free Google Wi-Fi

Google held their first Google for South Africa event, a few days after the one in Kenya and they have introduced interesting products for...
Google buys Fitbit

Google Buys Popular Wearables Company Fitbit For $2.1 billion

Alphabet, Google's parent company has announced that they are buying the popular wearable company, Fitbit. The tech giant is buying Fitbit for $2.1 billion which...

YouTube Begins Testing New UI, Puts Comments Above ‘Up Next’ Recommendations

Google has been experimenting on its YouTube Android app for a while now and most of its features eventually go live such as revamping...

Google Working on an Ad-Blocker for Chrome That’ll Remove ‘Heavy Ads’

If those annoying ads interrupt your usual daily scrolling through the rabbit hole that is the internet when using Chrome, then help is on...

Everything Announced Today at the Second Google for Kenya Event

Google held their second Google for Kenya event and it was jam packed with a lot of announcement tailored for this market. The event...

Android 9 Pie Installed on Nearly a Quarter of All Android Devices as Android 10 Launched

Google has finally released the numbers showing distribution comparisons of its recent operating systems. One number that stands out is that Android 9 Pie...
google pixel 4

Heavily Leaked Google Pixel 4 Features 90Hz Display, Updated Cameras

The long awaited (and massively leaked) Google Pixel 4 has been launched today by Google. There has been so much drama around this phone,...

Google to Require New Devices to Launch with Android 10 If Approved After January 31, 2020

Google really wants to make Android 10 be adopted by as many devices as possible before Android 11 Beta 1 goes live early next...

Default Google Apps for Devices Shipping with Android 10 and Android 10(Go Edition)

In Google controlling how Android 10 will be adopted by different smartphone manufactures, the company set new default Google apps that will ship on...

Google Takes Control with Android 10, Forces OEMs to Hide Their Gesture Navigation Systems

With Android 10, Google wants to exert control over how gesture navigation will be implemented especially by non-Google devices. Google Mobile Services have outlined...

Google Has an Actual Graveyard for Its Dead Products

Halloween is around the corner and is a time to celebrate the spooky. Google is also in a mood for this season and they're...
Google Dark mode

Google Password’s Best Feature is Coming to Chrome

I have been an avid user of Google’s password saver feature on Android. It was introduced alongside Android 8 Oreo. It is a lifesaver...

No, Facebook and Google Don’t Control Websites That Receive 70% of All Internet Traffic

Lately, there have been calls by 2020 US Presidential hopefuls to break up big tech companies like Facebook and Google. One of the democratic...

Google to Launch Android 10(Go Edition) Later This Year, Promises More Security and Speed

Google is set to launch Android 10(Go Edition) slated for devices with less than 1.5GB RAM and it is going to more secure and...

Google Confirms Huawei Mate 30 Won’t Launch with its Licensed Android Version or its Apps and Services

If you were looking forward to purchasing the Huawei Mate 30, then this news will damp you down. Huawei's flagship phone for this year...
google playstore predatory loan apps

Google Cracks the Whip on Predatory Loan Apps on Play Store

You may have seen a deluge of loan apps on the Play Store and they have become quite popular since they offer easy credit...
Index of

Google to Finally Drop Support for Unencrypted FTP Connections in Chrome

Some of us have used File Transfer Protocol (FTP) connections to get access to files from the internet. Often, the file-hosting system is used...

Google Removes 85 Adware-Infected Gaming, Camera and Photo Editing Apps from the Play Store

The Google Play Store is the most popular and important app distribution platform on Android and its official nature makes threat actors publish innocent-looking...
kra wants to tax income from apps downloaded in kenya

KRA Seeks to Tax Foreign and Local Revenue Generating Apps

Governments have been catching up trying to cash in on the digital revolution that has been the case for the past decade. Apps have...
google nigerian accent machine learning

Google Employed Machine Learning to Generate the ‘Nigerian Accent’ for Maps

One of the biggest problems in the world is language barriers. The tech industry has made this a bit better with tools like Google...
google down

A Lot of Google Employees Think a Break-Up Would Be Good for the Company

A lot of Google employees think that Elizabeth Warren's and Bernie Sanders' calls for breaking up big tech companies like Google and Facebook would...

YouTube to Start Rethinking How It Counts Views After Recent Controversy

YouTube has come under fire from Badshah, a Bollywood rapper set a new record that the Giant video-sharing platform isn't talking about. The Indian rapper recently...

Google and Huawei Were Working on a Huawei-Branded Smart Speaker. Trump’s Trade Ban Halted Its Progress

Donald's Trump Trade ban on Huawei not only affected their smartphone business with Google but also another project the Chinese tech giant was working...

Comparison Between Google Photos and Gallery Go

On Wednesday at the third annual Google for Nigeria event, the tech giant launched Gallery Go, a Google Photos alternative for low spec'd phones that...

NSO Group Improved Their WhatsApp Spyware, It Can Now Pry Your Google, Facebook and iCloud Data

If you thought the WhatsApp hack by NSO Group early this year was worse, the Israeli company has now improved their spyware to do...
Google cybersecurity

Google to Settle Privacy Abuses and Job Discrimination Case in Multi-million Payout

In most cases, tech corporations do not run their operations smoothly. Since the organizations command a substantial market share, they are always under scrutiny...
google shoelace

Google is Working on Yet Another Social Network

Google is a hugely successful company but there is one area they haven't done so well: social networking. Google Plus died the other day,...
Prime Video

Hurrah! for Android TV Users as the Platform Picks Amazon Prime Video Support

People who love watching TV shows from a variety of streaming services have always been aware of the shortcomings packaged in their boxes, especially...

Dark Mode Is Now on Google Keep for the Web – Here’s How to Enable It

Looks like 2019 is the year of embracing dark mode. Early this May, dark mode rolled out to the Google Keep Android app and...
Chrome App

Google Now Lets You Auto-Delete Your Location History and Web Activity Data

This is huge!! For a company that relies on user data, Google letting you auto-delete your web activity and location history data is a...

Google App Beta Tests a More Convenient Way of Sharing Searches

Google is currently testing a quick and more convenient way of sharing searches on its Google App beta plus another new carousel feature. This is...