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google nigerian accent machine learning

Google Employed Machine Learning to Generate the ‘Nigerian Accent’ for Maps

One of the biggest problems in the world is language barriers. The tech industry has made this a bit better with tools like Google...
google down

A Lot of Google Employees Think a Break-Up Would Be Good for the Company

A lot of Google employees think that Elizabeth Warren's and Bernie Sanders' calls for breaking up big tech companies like Google and Facebook would...

YouTube to Start Rethinking How It Counts Views After Recent Controversy

YouTube has come under fire from Badshah, a Bollywood rapper set a new record that the Giant video-sharing platform isn't talking about. The Indian rapper recently...

Google and Huawei Were Working on a Huawei-Branded Smart Speaker. Trump’s Trade Ban Halted Its Progress

Donald's Trump Trade ban on Huawei not only affected their smartphone business with Google but also another project the Chinese tech giant was working...

Comparison Between Google Photos and Gallery Go

On Wednesday at the third annual Google for Nigeria event, the tech giant launched Gallery Go, a Google Photos alternative for low spec'd phones that...

NSO Group Improved Their WhatsApp Spyware, It Can Now Pry Your Google, Facebook and iCloud Data

If you thought the WhatsApp hack by NSO Group early this year was worse, the Israeli company has now improved their spyware to do...
Google cybersecurity

Google to Settle Privacy Abuses and Job Discrimination Case in Multi-million Payout

In most cases, tech corporations do not run their operations smoothly. Since the organizations command a substantial market share, they are always under scrutiny...
google shoelace

Google is Working on Yet Another Social Network

Google is a hugely successful company but there is one area they haven't done so well: social networking. Google Plus died the other day,...
Prime Video

Hurrah! for Android TV Users as the Platform Picks Amazon Prime Video Support

People who love watching TV shows from a variety of streaming services have always been aware of the shortcomings packaged in their boxes, especially...

Dark Mode Is Now on Google Keep for the Web – Here’s How to Enable It

Looks like 2019 is the year of embracing dark mode. Early this May, dark mode rolled out to the Google Keep Android app and...
Chrome App

Google Now Lets You Auto-Delete Your Location History and Web Activity Data

This is huge!! For a company that relies on user data, Google letting you auto-delete your web activity and location history data is a...

Google App Beta Tests a More Convenient Way of Sharing Searches

Google is currently testing a quick and more convenient way of sharing searches on its Google App beta plus another new carousel feature. This is...

The Genius Way Google Was Caught Scraping Lyrics

Music site, Genius has recently accused Google of scraping lyrics from its site. If you listened to your favorite song and wanted to look...

Huawei Shouldn’t Be Cut off from Android – Google Shares Its Fears

Google doesn't want a forked version of Android and wants Huawei back on its official Android version. In a recent report by the Financial...

Apple Launched a New Web Sign in at WWDC 2019 – Here’s How It Works

At WWDC 2019, Apple made both software and hardware announcements. One feature they unveiled aimed at privacy was the company's single sign-on(SSO). This feature...
facebook local language support africa check

[UPDATED] Change These Default Privacy Settings Right Now! From Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Apple, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Amazon

From 2018 to the past few months of 2019, our personal data from social media sites and other tech giants has been hacked, scandalized...
Huawei Mate 20 Pro reinstated android q beta

Huawei Is Now Back on Google’s Android Q Beta Program

It looks like Huawei is going to end this week on a good note. It has been a rough couple of weeks for the...
Samsung s10

Samsung Renews Its Android License Deal with Google

As things crumble for Huawei, Samsung is strengthening its relationship with Google following the search giant company canceling Huawei's Android license. The South Korean...
Google Project Dragonfly

Google Stored Passwords of Some G Suite Accounts in Plaintext

Google joins the likes of Facebook and Twitter of being the culprits who stored passwords in plaintext. This privacy mishap affected some of its...
Nokia 7.1 Screen

Google Data Explain the Importance of Setting up a Recovery Number to Prevent Phishing Attacks

Google really wants you to protect your account against phishing attacks by using all the necessary security features the company is providing to its...

The Present Is Private: Google’s Commitment to Privacy

Goole I/O 2019 began yesterday and Privacy was one of the most touched on subjects during the developer conference the tech giant hosts every...

Makerere University is Among the 20 Grantees of The Google AI Impact Challenge

Yesterday, Google launched the 2019 edition of the I/O conference and they announced a lot of cool stuff. However, a certain announcement went under...
trending searches kenyans april 2018

Kenyans Want to Know How to Cook Mandazi and Get Pregnant Based on Trending Searches

We know people usually search for the weirdest things on Google and it can be a good indication of the zeitgeist of the month....
google avengers themed easter egg

Google Has a Cool Avengers Themed Easter Egg

Movies tend to generate a lot of hype on social media. It is especially felt on Twitter since it is such a lively social...
Kebaso Mokogi

How Telkom Kenya Leverages Caching and Peering to Boost Mobile Data Speeds

Telkom is planning to deploy higher capacity undersea cables that will see substantial improvement on its network, with the first phase of the project...

YouTube Axes Plan to Rival Netflix and Prime Video with High-end Content

There are several extremely lucrative tech-based ventures across the globe right now: e-commerce (provided you do it right by diversifying product portfolios and ensuring...

Google’s Cloud-Based Gaming Platform Does Not Need a Console or Set-Top Box

Yesterday, search giant and ad corporation Google announced Stadia, a cloud-based gaming platform. The launch effectively confirmed Google’s interest in the insanely lucrative gaming...

Four Kenyan Startups Among 12 Firms Selected for Launchpad Accelerator

Google-backed Launchpad Accelerator has been offering a platform for startups in the past six years. This year’s installment of the program is already underway,...

Android Gets FIDO2 Certified, Brings Password-less Future Closer to Reality

Android finally got FIDO2 certified in an announcement made on Monday by the FIDO Alliance and Google at Mobile World Congress but what does...
Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Security Checklist for Your Android Smartphone

Is your Android phone secure? This checklist will help you make sure that your device’s security in top shape and keep off malware. How well...
Gmail outage kenya

Gmail is Rolling Out Neat Right-Click Features to G Suite Customers

At the moment, most all of us have access to the redesigned Gmail interface on the web (and mobile, for some, else, just grab...
Google Inbox

Google’s Inbox App to the Gmail App: How to Have a Smooth Transition

Inbox by Google is being retired next month and it’s finally time to switch to another email app. It’ll be harder to get another...

This Chrome Extension Checks Whether Your Login Credentials Were Leaked

One of Google Chrome's biggest strengths is the wealth of 'extensions' that you get from the Chrome Web Store. There are so many extensions...
Safer Internet Day

Safaricom, Google Push for Increased Vigilance on the Web on 2019’s Safer Internet Day

Safaricom Today, telco Safaricom hosted the Safer Internet Day (SID) fair, which is an annual program and that raises awareness of the challenges and opportunities...

Apple Flexes Muscles on Facebook, Google over Data Privacy. We Should Be Worried

Apple experienced the FaceTime bug early this week and hot on the heels of this discovery, the Cupertino based company was eager and quick...