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Gorilla Glass SR+ to Provide Protection to Wearables’ Displays

No more scratched smartwatches.

Corning Debuts Protective Glass That Allows Photo-Printing

Corning is a household name thanks to Gorilla Glass, the protective piece of glass atop most smartphones. The latest, Gorilla Glass 4, is on...

Samsung Could Be Making A Gorilla Glass Competitor

Samsung’s recent filings hint at the company being in the process of making its own protective glass. Currently, Corning’s Gorilla Glass is like the...

ZTE’s Latest Smartphone is the First in the World to Feature Protection from Germs

Those greasy messy paw prints on your device's display? They harbour germs! Lots of them. How many times in a day do you touch the...
Asus Zenbook Infinity

ASUS unveils Zenbook Infinity with Gorilla Glass 3 lid

ASUS Zenbook Infinity, the first laptop to spot a Gorilla Glass 3 lid was the showcase of Computex 2013 in Taipei. Gorilla Glass has...
iphone 5 screen

Nokia: Naah! iPhone 5 has no Gorilla Glass

I just caught a tweet from Nokia France Communications Manager, Xavier des Horts who apparently was among the first in line to purchase an...

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