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Huduma Namba

Huduma Number Ruled lllegal, This Is What Should Be Done

The Kenya Human Rights Commission in collaboration with other bodies that are aggressive with the protection of rights of citizens in Kenya are now...

Huduma Number Bizarrely Makes an Appearance at NCBA Accounts Application Form

I have been a CBA (now NCBA) Loop user for a while now. The product, which targets young people, and has an unquestionably one...

Why Kenyans Are Against Huduma Card and Huduma Namba Registration

Kenyans are particularly a bitter people today if the uproar on social media platforms is anything to go by. The primary cause of the...

President Kenyatta Authorizes Immediate Issuance of Huduma Numbers

During the staging of Connected Kenya 2018 at the Bomas of Kenya, the Cabinet Secretary for ICT Joe Mucheru revealed that the government was...

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