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Vikas Mehta, CEO Ogilvy Africa - Ogilvy InfluenceO

Ogilvy’s New Platform to Give Nano and Micro-Influencers a Seat at the Big Table

Influencer marketing has been the fastest-growing digital customer acquisition channel in recent years. The creator economy is a multi-billion dollar market but the playing...
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Report Predicts Influencer Marketing Will Grow in Kenya in 2020 Despite Erosion of Trust

The last decade led to the exponential growth of social media use. Since more and more people were signing up to these platforms, another...

Instagram Influencers Are Not Welcome to This Beach Club

If you're an Instagram influencer who likes to freeload to promote a hotel, then your days are over especially if you were planning to...

Guy Created Bot to Do Instagram Influencing for Him. It Worked.

For the hospitality sector, Instagram has become an essential platform. Restaurants know this and so do Instagram influencers and this is why giant photo...
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When Failure to Influence is More Rewarding: A Short Story

Marketing. Advertisements. Influencer mentality. These terms and their associated actions can be described differently depending on who you ask. In fact, it can be...
Vobizen brand ambassador

Dear Smartphone Marketers, Celebrity Influencers are Not Your Friends

It is not the first time that we have seen celebrity influencers preach water and drink wine, especially when it comes to the smartphone...
Samsung Influencer Using an iPhone

Samsung Influencer Sued After She’s Caught Using an iPhone

Russian TV personality and Samsung brand ambassador Ksenia Sobchak has been sued for $1.6 million for being seen with an iPhone.