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A Quick Look at How Much iPhone Designs Have Changed Over the Years

Seeing that Apple has taken the wraps off its best iPhones yet for another year, we take a moment to reflect on how much...

Apple May Launch 8 GB iPhone 5s in Emerging Markets

Apple just took the wraps off its new iPhones. They’re pricey, as expected and will remain so until the iPhone 7 debuts same time...

Apple Made a Flexible Phone Already? iPhone 5ses are Bendable

Not that Apple is also in the race to make flexible smartphones such as the ones LG and Samsung are racing against time to...
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Showing Its Colors: The Apple Brand in the Midst of the 5C & 5S

It was only just recently that Apple execs held their press conference announcing the new iPhone 5C and 5S models, a preview of iOS7,...
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Nokia and Microsoft trolling of Apple at an all time high

Handset manufacturers trolling each other isn't something new. We have previously had the famous troll of the UK between Samsung and HTC and then...
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27th September could be the day iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C hit the market

The next iPhone is coming within this quarter, whether it will be the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6 is a matter of speculation...
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Could Apple Release Two iPhones in 2013?

There's an abundance of smartphone's on the market, which makes it difficult to decide on the perfect phone within a given budget and lifestyle....