Nokia and Microsoft trolling of Apple at an all time high

Nokia Lumia Colours

Nokia Lumia Colours

Handset manufacturers trolling each other isn’t something new. We have previously had the famous troll of the UK between Samsung and HTC and then LG also joined in. Yesterday Apple launched, among other things, the iPhone 5c which in their marketing language was developed for the person who loves colour, basically the person who uses an iPhone but they keep looking at the green grass of Nokia.

As was expected, Nokia wasn’t passed by the moment to troll Apple with some quite on point messages. These ranged from the image up here accompanied by a tweet thanking Apple for imitating them.

See below the other troll tweets:

Nokia also made note of the fact that the new iPhones have an 8MP camera and could’t be passed by the moment to remind the world that they have 41MP camera on a phone:

The iPhone 5s also came with a gold version as a third colour option and Nokia noted that with the following message of love.

Not to be left behind, Microsoft in Asia (Microsoft will soon have full stake in the Nokia Handsets business) feels they already own the Nokia brand and added something in the line of colour.

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