LG also joins in on the twitter show with HTC and Samsung

LG Calm Down

Earlier today HTC UK and Samsung UK twitter accounts engaged in some on-line warfare where they outdid each other. HTC was first in with the claim that they won the hottest phone of the year award. Samsung went on to respond that they had three of them and that HTC should keep their measly single award. I predicted that this was not ending there, I just didn’t expect this twist.

Not to be left out where the fellow South Korean brother, LG came in on the fray with a well prepared message:

Calm down dears, it’s only a phone

While this doesn’t seem like an attack on any of the two electronics companies, it could be interpreted to say there is more to business than mobile phone awards. LG, like Samsung sells electronics in a wide array, ranging from mobile phones, displays, home electronics

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