HTC takes on Samsung on a gloves off feud on twitter

HTC Samsung

HTC Samsung

It’s not common to see global giants take on each other on social media, so I thought this was worth a mention. Apparently there was some Mobile Awards that we were not aware of, but now we do and it so happens that HTC won an award for the design of the HTC One. It means alot to them, they have not been winning awards so it’s quite understandable when HTC acts like a baby who just won a balloon at a competition.

So where does HTC go to share the joy? Samsung, and it’s not nice. See tweet below:

Samsung got an answer to that some hours later:

And in an hour HTC hit back, gloves off:

And from that you can bet the fun the followers had from each side of the fans divide. This doesn’t show anything really, just that it’s entertaining. Do you secretly wish that this goes on and we see who has more fight in them?

Well, it wasn’t far off, was it?


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