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LG G3 Announced For Kenya, Here’s What You Need To Know

LG announced the G3 sometime back in May in London, UK. The device was first to launch running a QHD display among equals in...

LG’s G3 Beat aka G3 s is now official, just a G3 mini with a fancy name

Hot on the heels of Samsung's Galaxy S5 mini unveiling recently, LG is giving the mini phone a chance too. And its not named...

LG G3 has sold 100,000 units in just 5 days in Korea

With an impressive spec sheet, impeccable design (though still plastic), a reworked minimalistic interface and hype created by the expectations the mobile tech world...

LG G3 is official; packs QHD display and other top specs

With Samsung, Huawei, Sony and HTC having already shown us what they had in store for the year, what else did LG need to...
LG G3 microSD

LG Goes Back To Removable Back Cover For G3, New Image Shows

We are just 3 days away from the LG G3 unveil, atleast we are sure of what device it is and the dates as...

LG Announces QuickCircle Case Ahead Of LG G3 Launch

Just like they did with the G2 cover, LG have gone ahead to announce the G3 LG Quickcircle case (which apparently has already been trademarked)...
LG G3 Teaser

LG G3 Teaser Gives Most Of Design Elements For The Phone

The big boys have already announced their flagship phones for 2014. Samsung, HTC, Sony and Huawei have already launched their devices, Galaxy S5, HTC...

Is this the LG G3? Gold variant follows path of previous leaks

We have seen the upcoming LG G3 rise from being photographed with a case and only showing its unique back to the world to...
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Rumour: LG G3 Specs Sheet, here’s what we have so far

LG G3 is another device among those expected to go on stage come Q1 2014. It's exected to be launched in Las Vegas in...