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Facebook Libra Head Claims Libra is Not in “Jeopardy”

Facebook launched Libra, their cryptocurrency platform back in June this year and they had on board a lot of partners. However, these partners started...
facebook libra

Mastercard, Visa, eBay and Stripe Join PayPal in Calling It Quits on Facebook Libra

Facebook Libra, the giant social media network's cryptocurrency project is now 6 members short. The project was announced in June and got support from...
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Facebook’s Calibra Aims to Disrupt the Mobile Money Space

Today, Facebook announced Libra which is their new cryptocurrency platform which will be governed by the Libra Association. However, they also announced an interesting fintech product...
facebook libra

Facebook Finally Unveils Libra: Their Hyped Cryptocurrency For the World

Facebook has finally unveiled their cryptocurrency platform and it is quite something. First, they announced the Libra Association which has the new currency called Libra. The Libra association is...

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