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M-Fanisi is a New Mobile Banking Service Aimed at Airtel Money Users

When it comes to mobile banking and mobile money services, Kenya takes a solid lead, the country has managed to be a benchmark to...
Mobile banking

Mobile-only Banking Steadily Gains Momentum Among the Connected

Has it ever happened to you that you were out of cash and the only thing you had was a cell phone? Well, I...

What I Hope The Tech Players In The Industry Will Focus on in 2016

Happy New Year guys! We have been given the privilege of seeing yet another year, and as with every New Year, 2016 has brought...
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Phones Are the New Banks: Mobile Payments in Africa and Beyond

Though it’s a trend that’s now spreading across the globe, the rise of mobile payments can be directly traced back to Africa. It’s an...

Safaricom launches revolutionary mobile banking product M-Shwari

In the words of Micheal Joseph, former Safaricom CEO,  middle and low income earners want credit and finance services available for their counterparts up...
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Why you will take a little longer before developing that web system

Got this idea during the weekend as i left the mall after doing my shopping. That people look for value for money more as...