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Cytonn Investments defamation case against Mwango Capital

Cytonn Investments Loses Defamation Suit Against Youtuber and Mwango Capital

The Cytonn Investments defamation case against two respondents has been thrown out by a Kenyan court.  To recap, the two respondents in the case...
Mwango Capital FBI Complaint and FOIA after account hack

Kenyan Firm Engages FBI to Strengthen Its Position in Dispute with X Corp

On  Wednesday the 30th of August 2023, a Kenyan financial research firm lost access to its X account. The hack on its account sent...
Cytonn Investments sues Mwango Capital and Chris Orwa

Cytonn Investments vs. Digital Content Creator: Curious Legal Battle Over Online Critique

Could your large social media following be grounds for a lawsuit against you? Is a YouTuber free to share a personal story? This...
X unable to verify Eric Mokaya owns Mwango Capital hacked twitter account

Despite Premium Subscription, X Can’t Verify Hacked Account Ownership

Last week we reported the unfortunate news that Mwango Capital had lost their X account to hackers. Now, it emerges that X is unable...

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