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google fact check search news results

Google Tackles Fake News With Fact Check Tags In Search Results

Google will now inform you whether the news presented in Search has been fact checked

Facebook Has A Big Problem With Its Trending Stories Section

Facebook has been found to surface fake news on its Trending Stories page which is not good at all.

Huawei to Introduce the Huawei Watch to the Kenyan Market in November

The Huawei Watch has been around for the most of the year. It was unveiled early this year in Barcelona, Spain during Mobile World...

Skype now has Video Message Filters and 3D Touch Support

Skype has been updating its user experience for a while now in a bid to make its users more engaged in the platform. They...
Facebook's New Notification tab update

Facebook’s Notification tab gets a long overdue makeover

In any smartphone, the notification tab is like a digital “lounge” where you get notified of current events that are being pushed for you...
Leon twitter game

This Guy made a Twitter’s Version of a Scavenger Hunt

People tend to find creative ways of using social networking sites rather than the normal chatting and sharing posts. On Twitter to be specific,...
Instagram creeps

This Instagram Page is an Archive of Messages a Woman Received from Creeps

Stalkers are everywhere in real life and it is not surprising they are also present in social media. To counter stalkers online, popular social...
Instagam Boomerang

Instagram’s Boomerang Will have you doing GIFs a Strange new way

Instagram started as a social network that let people share photos with filters and this made the whole culture of editing photos by adding...
Facebook's New Notification tab update

Facebook Search has received a significant update

One of my biggest gripes with Facebook was how underwhelming its search functionality was. You could only search people & pages before and it...
Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook rolls out Instant Articles to all iPhone users, Android later

Facebook rolled out Instant Articles, a revolutionary way to read articles from various publishers on Facebook that load instantaneously to a small number of...

Social Media Spat Exposes Gap on NHIF Consumer Education

Consumer education or better still, public education can be done effectively by social media platforms. This is why governments, NGOs and private companies have...
witter polls are now official

Twitter Polls are now official

Almost a month ago, Twitter was testing user generated polls with some users, mostly with verified users. Well today, the company has announced that...
facebook girl laptop

Facebook will Warn you if Your Government is Spying on you [I know, right!]

One of the biggest problems that face any online based company is maintaining the integrity of their customer’s information and this means security is...

How to stop Candy Crush Requests Top Voted Question for Zuckerberg’s Q&A in India

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced earlier today that he will visit India this month and will host a Townhall Q&A at the Indian Institute of Technology...
highest earning youtubers

Here are the Highest Earning YouTubers

From the beginning, people joined social media for fun but of late, some people have managed to carve out a living from them, even...

Yahoo Mail’s new Update Eliminates the Need for a Password

Let us face it: We hate passwords, they are an inconvenience especially if you have to memorize them and everytime you input them incorrectly,...

Safaricom adds Hakikisha feature to M-Pesa aiming to resolve Unintended Transactions

In August, we told you of Safaricom’s pilot of a new feature aimed at solving one of the perennial problems with its M-pesa service....

KRA seeks Kshs. 531 Million from Airtel Kenya in defaulted taxes

Airtel Kenya has been in the news lately with regards to the renewal of its license.  Airtel Kenya’s license expired in  February 2015 yet...
Facebook suggested video

Facebook is testing a dedicated video feed and floating videos for iOS users

You may have noticed how Facebook’s News Feed works: When you interact with several posts from a certain category, you will end up seeing...

Google has Filed Paperwork for 2 Drones that will Provide Internet Connectivity

According to Internet Live Stats, there are around 3.2 billion Internet users out of the current world population of 7.3 billion. This means that...
Twitter logo

Twitter to lay-off 336 employees in Restructuring Efforts

https://twitter.com/jack/status/653912031997751296 In June, Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo stepped down. Costolo continued as interim CEO until July when the board targeted to have a new CEO...

According to Facebook, Messenger is only “1% finished”

Facebook Messenger has been a force to reckon with judging from the slew of updates that have been done on the app. Lately, Messenger...

wanda to Host World’s First Civilian& Commercial Drone Port

Drones have become part of the mainstream all over the world owing to their wide range of applications. In Africa, drones are slowly being...
video uploads on Twitter web

Video Uploads on Twitter Web is Now Live, and This Changes Things

Twitter for web has been lagging behind the mobile apps when it comes to features except on the settings department where the web version...

New Rules seek to Enforce Sim Card Registration in Kenya

In 2013, the Kenyan government issued a directive to all Telcos requiring that they register all SIM cards used in Kenya. The directive followed...

Facebook’s “Reactions” is what the company plans for people to show empathy to posts

There was a lot of conversation about what Mark Zuckerberg said when he answered a question about the possibility of adding a dislike button...

Instagram’s CEO revealed that they have considered flagging posts

Instagram has a history of censoring content on the platform. They banned the eggplant emojibecause it promoted nudity on the platform. It seems like...
Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages aims to make “Instant Articles” mainstream

Social networks are all morphing into the next phase of social media revolution where they are all becoming legit media houses and have put...
Reddit upvoted

Reddit will launch a news site called Upvoted but won’t let you upvote

According to a report by the Wired, Reddit will launch a news site called Upvoted that will focus on what Reddit is known for: Being...

Facebook Reveals new Tools for Broadcasters, one Being Custom icons

Facebook is transcending beyond the usual likes, shares and comments its 1.5 billion users do that every day. They are now forging ahead to...
Twitter Moments

Twitter Announces “Moments” that shows “in the moment” events, US only for now

In July, it was reported that Twitter is launching a curated news service that was previously named as Project Lightning . Periscope’s CEO, Kayvon Beykpour leaked...
Jack Dorsey Twitter

Jack Dorsey is now Twitter’s Permanent CEO

Twitter has had quite a ride in the quest for a new CEO. It started in June after the preceding CEO, Dick Costolo stepped...
Facebook Eutelsat partnership

Facebook, Eutelsat to Beam Free Internet to Sub-Saharan Africa in 2016

Facebook declared its intentions to connect the “unplugged” world through a number of initiatives, of which Internet.org is their most known initiative. Internet.org is...

Twitter About To Launch new Product Targeting Publishers

Twitter has been known for its brevity thanks to its 140 character limitation on a post. It has made its 316 million active users...

Twitter is testing user generated polls to some users

Twitter is no stranger to experiments and this is a good thing because users get to benefit from new features that might be rolled...

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