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Qt SDK updated to 1.1.3

Qt SDK has been updated to version 1.1.3 so that Qt mobile developers can have a shot at developing Qt and Qt Quick apps...
Nokia N9

Nokia N9 product Manager talks about the device from conception to production

I have loved this device from the time it was a mere rumour, till now. Still got love for it. Watching this video as...
Nokia N9

This is probably the first Nokia N9 roaming on Safaricom Network

I had a nice day today, starting with the launch of two bottom-end phones by Nokia at the Serena to finally laying my hands...
Nokia N9

After US, UK, now Nokia N9 wont be available in Germany

Nokia N9 is a phone which wowed people the world over, but frustration about getting that phone is growing by the day. After official...
Windows phone

Could the Nokia N9 be the prototype for windows phone? [updated]

Nokia Boss had announced earlier that they are going to release a Market disrupting device very soon. Well that could be interpreted in very...
Nokia N9

Analysing Nokia N9 buttons et al

The Nokia N9 has no front facing buttons, unlike all other smartphones. That's why Nokia calls it the first "pure touch phone" not even...
Nokia N9

Nokia N9, a meego powered device announced at Nokia connections

Nokia N9, is nolonger a rumour, and Nokia now have a meego device that has been all talk of speculation. The phone was announced...

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