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Facebook’s Creepy Patent Suggests Friends By Wirelessly Sensing Phones

Companies usually file patents all the time and they can be very interesting when you dive into the details. Facebook is not new to...
nokia drone

Nokia Has Filed Trademark Name For Their Drones

Nokia is known for selling some of the most popular phones of all time, but they are also known in the network business as...

Twitter was apparently granted a patent for a drone for taking selfies

We've seen the increased use of drones by hobbyists all over the world and it has seen drone making companies like DJI or Parrot...
Facebook's New Notification tab update

Your Credit Score Could be Affected by a Facebook Patent

Our social media life and actual "real" life are getting intertwined more and more each day. Online activism nowadays leads to changes in...

New Patent Filing by Samsung Hints at Auto-Ejectable S Pen

The most outstanding feature of the Galaxy Note line of phablets from Samsung is the stylus aka the S Pen. It is...
google faces patent

New Google patent will have users unlock phones by making faces

For some time now, users have been able to unlock their phones by using their faces. This came together with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus,...
Samsung vs Apple

Samsung’s J.K Shin: settling with Apple not on our minds

Apple and HTC settled on a licensing deal after HTC sought a Patent settlement with Apple recently. HTC's settlement could see them paying a...
Samsung Apple court case

Apple court victory helped Galaxy S 3 outsell iPhone 4S in the US

Apple victory against Samsung in the recent Patent court case could just have been a blessing in disguise for Samsung in the short term,...
Huawei moves to protect patent

Huawei Moves to Protect its Patent and Trademarks with Legal Action in Europe

Huawei today filed lawsuits in Germany, France, and Hungary against ZTE Corporation (ZTE) for patent and trade mark infringement. The lawsuits were filed on...