New Google patent will have users unlock phones by making faces

google faces patent

google faces patent

For some time now, users have been able to unlock their phones by using their faces. This came together with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and is widely available in Android phones that have a front camera. Now this Patent filed in June last year but only made public on Tuesday by Google will have things get a slight twist.

If implemented, users will be need to not only make an appearance infront of the phones but also make a certain face for the phone to unlock. The user will require to make a predetermined facial geature like a twich of the cheek, wink, forehead, eyebrow or nose. Something noticeable.
Facial recognition has not been a foolproof way to get the phone secure as you can even fool a phone with a picture. But with this new technology, the facial recognition software will require you to make the facial gesture while looking at the camera, something that you had pre-recorded when setting up. The patent is still pending though.

via: Huffington Post