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Here is a Trick to Take Great Photos With Your ‘Cheap’ Android Phone

When manufacturers are on the planning stage to create a new smartphone, there are compromises to make at a given pricepoint. They play with...

Google Pixel’s Camera App Can Now be Installed on Other Android Devices

Photography lovers will appreciate the camera prowess of the Google Pixel and it serves as good news now that the same camera app and...

Request For ‘Voluntary’ Photography Job on Facebook Becomes Unexpected Lesson

Photographers on a Facebook group were not amused by a request to do voluntary photography work.

This Lady Decided to Bring Emoji to Life Using Photography

People are obsessed with emoji, They are using them as passwords, in movies,  making programming languages out of them, using them in press...

Photography with the Lumia 535: Low Tier Price, Upper Tier Experience

Microsoft  is on the verge of launching their first Microsoft branded device, the Lumia 535 in Kenya. With a suggested price of KES 15,000 and...
Twitters Cafe In Kenya. Photographed using Galaxy #s4ZoomKe

When Social Media Strips you of Digital Rights

  Many novice photographers (myself included) do not even know that a photo is usually much more than the visual. Behind any photo, and invisible...