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Russia Fines Google USD 360 Million Days After Banning Cryptocurrencies

Yesterday, a Russian court slapped Google LLC with a fine of 21 billion rubles. This amounts to approximately three hundred and sixty million US...

Github Is Reportedly Suspending Accounts Linked To Russian Developers

The victims are developers who are currently working for or have previously worked for companies and organizations under US sanctions.

Tech Companies That Have Suspended Services in Russia

Russia has now passed North Korea and Iran to become the most sanctioned nation in the world following President Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine. The...

Tiktok Bans Russian Users From Uploading Content on the Platform

The social media space saw notable changes when TikTok was launched back in the day. The platform now is probably the most popular social...

Social Media Platforms Can’t Keep Up With Misinformation on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Misinformation is a huge problem for social media platforms including TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and Twitter. It has gotten worse with Russia's invasion of...
Maidan, Kiev, Ukraine | Image Courtesy - Silver Ringvee

How Tech Companies Are Responding to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

UPDATE: Meta has demoted links to Russian media on Facebook and Instagram. Content shared by Russian state media will stop being recommended on users...

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