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Former Yahoo Engineer Admits to Hacking 6,000 Yahoo User Accounts in Search of Nudes

What do you do when you're an engineer and you're horny. Go into users accounts looking for sexual photos and videos. That's what this...
Facebook Apps

Facebook Is Still Using Two Factor Authentication Phone Numbers to Send Spammy Texts to Users

In early 2018, it was revealed that Facebook was using the phone number you gave it for 2-factor authentication to for ad targetting. The...

Google Play Services Will Let Android’s Autofill Service Automatically Pick Up Verification Codes from SMS

We've talked about how setting up two-factor authentication is important to securing your online accounts to complement the strong passwords we use(unless you use...
Samsung s10

Keep Your Web Browsing Private with These Four Apps

In this day and age, it is imperative to keep prying eyes off your web browsing habits and it's time to use apps that...
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Google Data Explain the Importance of Setting up a Recovery Number to Prevent Phishing Attacks

Google really wants you to protect your account against phishing attacks by using all the necessary security features the company is providing to its...

Massive ‘Collection #1’ Breach Exposes 773 Million Emails, 21 Million Passwords

We generally need two variables to get an account online: Your email address and a password. These are used to identify you and they...

How to Fortify Data Security in Your Business

Security is one of the important issues a business should always look out for. Nowadays, with how technology has progressed over the years, data...
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Safaricom Exploring Use of Biometrics in SIM Swap Requests

We recently highlighted that at least 22 suspects had been arrested in connection with the recent SIM swap fraud cases that got public attention...
ca report q3 2017-2018

Kenya Mobile Penetration Closing on to 100%, CyberAttacks Decline

The Communications Authority of Kenya recently released their statistical report about the industry's performance for the January-March 2108 quarter. It is filled with some...

How to Mitigate Personal Information Risk to a Minimum

The usage of VPNs is growing steadily over the last few years. There are a ton of headlines associated with the lack of online...
passwords thing of the past

Passwords Could Be a Thing of The Past Thanks To This New Web Standard

Passwords have been with us for a long time and they are the de facto way for us to secure our online accounts. However,...
Internet security

Internet Security: Tools to Protect Your Internet Privacy

We use Internet for almost everything- from meeting new people on social media platforms to planning our vacations, and from shopping to paying our...
Public WiFi

Closing Down the Personal Security Risks From Public WiFi

60 per cent of consumers think their information is safe when they are using public WiFi - completely unaware of the danger, or of its severity.

Security Flaw in 3G and 4G Networks Allows Hackers to Track Your Phone’s Location

When 3G was phasing out 2G networks, one of the main advantages of the new technology was that, unlike 2G cell protocol whose encryption...
whatsapp security report

WhatsApp Is Not Doing Enough To Guard User Privacy – Report

Social networking sites usually express how serious they are when it comes to securing the data of their user since it might lead them...
Robert Mugo, CEO ICT Authority and Harry Hare Chairman CIO East Africa

Financial Institutions, Government top Most Compromised by Cyber Security Threats

Financial institutions are the most at risk from cyber security threats for the financial gain on the vice, and second on the list is government.

Official Kenya Government Emails Used to Send Out Spam Messages

When you think of spam messages, the government is not the first thing that comes to your mind, well until now. A UK-based blog,...
Government Cloud

Huawei Technologies Will Get Paid to Move Kenyan Government Data and Apps to The Cloud

The Kenyan Government has struck a deal to develop the Government Cloud Service Project with Huawei Technologies Company Limited, a Chinese global ICT company...

Kenya’s Computer and Cybercrimes Bill 2016 Gets Approved

The Kenya Computer and Cyber-crimes Bill 2016, which is set to monitor, control and get rid of cyber crimes has been approved.
smartphones in store

Have Anti-Theft Efforts for Smartphones Failed?

There has been a heated discussion in our forums on how to tame the phone-snatching vice that keeps getting worse every passing day. It is...
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Kenyan Companies Lost Kshs. 17.5 Billion to Cybercrime in 2016

Kenya has in the recent past seen increased internet security threats which range from hacking, to stolen digital identities and even malicious take-down of...
Mpesa Agency

Opinion: Kenya’s Privacy of Electronic Money at Risk

What is the suitable level of privacy and what counts as a private transaction? Are we automatically granting unfettered access to our personal data?
viber end to end encryption

Viber now has end-to-end encryption and a way to hide messages from nosy people

The issue of privacy in the social networking apps has become a raging debate and it has led to these companies adding measures to...

WhatsApp End-to-End Encryption is Now Live but Ultimately, Security Starts with You

“Security starts with you” is a controversial statement attributed to an advertisement featuring President Kenyatta in the media at the height of terrorist attacks...

Newly Found Security Flaw Poses Threat to Millions of Samsung Phones

Samsung flagship devices have packed the company's own keyboards all along. With somebody else providing a better keyboard experience elsewhere thanks to advanced word...

Wikipedia To Use HTTP And HSTS Security To Stop Governments Censorship

Wikipedia has announced they are in the process of implementing HTTPS by default to all its traffic. According to the company, this is not...
Anticounterfeit agency website hacked

Kenya Anti-Counterfeit Agency Website Hacked By Indonesian Hackers

The Kenya Anti-counterfeit Agency website is compromised. The website www.aca.go.ke currently shows a black screen with a message "Hacked by Maniak K4sur #indonesianhacker", that...

You may not to be allowed to carry your smartphone next time you fly

With the rise in the number of terrorist activities around the world and particularly since the September 11 attacks back in 2001, airports around...

The White House exploring LG and Samsung devices for use; could ditch Blackberry

As if its rapidly dwindling fortunes in the last few years have not been enough, Blackberry could be on course to losing one of...

Possible Security Bug Discovered on Samsung Knox

Enterprise information systems are increasingly adopting mobile devices as part of their BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategies. This calls for robust mobile device...

Canadian Authorities Discover Risks of Having Too Much Confidence in Security

In June 2011, the Bank of Canada introduced the polymer bank-note series. The new notes spotted unique security features. With this anti-counterfeiting features people...

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