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The Current State of DevOps

Globally, a growing number of software developers are doing more – and doing it better and faster – by adopting DevOps practices. More importantly,...
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Mastery of Software Development Doesn’t Require Traditional Route to Success

In recent years, more women have been breaking barriers and changing the narrative to enter technology and innovation related careers. From being self taught...
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Factors Key to Building A Successful Mobile Application

Key ideas that every app development company should consider. These ideas will likely help app developers build successful mobile apps.
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Passing the Test: What You Need to Know About Software Testing

On April 26, 1994, China Airlines Airbus A300 crashed, taking 264 lives. This tragedy can be traced to a software bug. Recounting other software...
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Unusual Events Causing Data Loss on Mac; Need Recovery

In some unusual situations like you unfortunately got some water splashed over your Mac, got it power down all of a sudden, got some...

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