Unusual Events Causing Data Loss on Mac; Need Recovery

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In some unusual situations like you unfortunately got some water splashed over your Mac, got it power down all of a sudden, got some crucial files deleted unknowingly, and the like, the odds for data loss are only a few. However, you might not believe that such events sometimes lead to massive data losses. For example, the hard drive might get corrupt or lead to failure as a result of such an event. One of the best ways to keep your data protected or far-off from such mishaps is having a recent backup copy of every single crucial file. You can use an external drive or a network drive to store these files. Moreover, you must be careful enough about security of the files.

Data Loss on Mac

Mac computers are pretty secure enough. However, you might not be assured for the security of your data since the causes of data loss are not the same every time. You might be able to conquer every single factor that caused data loss earlier. It does not mean that you would discover and be able to conquer the same factors again before they cause another data loss. Anyway, you never know what is going to happen next. It could be like that you have not backed up your data and you get it lost, does not matter how. Does it matter? No, it does not. Alternatively, it could also be like that you backed up all your crucial files and there was no such unusual event. Well, whatsoever happens, you are going to face it.person on laptop

Unusual Data Loss Scenarios

It is a fact that data loss events give you the worst pain ever. Based on the significance of the files you just lost, you might have to endure massive losses of data and money. You might also have to sacrifice your pride in the office, in case you lost some business critical data. Such data loss events are pretty hard to digest and you must take appropriate action(s) to defeat them. Mentioned below are some unusual data loss events causing massive data losses:

Water Splashed over Your MacBook

While doing your office work at home, you got a call from your boss and you went out of the room to answer it. In the mean time, your children stepped into the room asking permission to go out for playing. They found your MacBook on and open, and they started searching for some stuff of their interest (i.e. Games and all). Unfortunately, one of them got his hand banged on the water bottle in a flash, and its keyboard was all covered with water in the next moment. You stepped into the room and found it completely gone! And You were like, Oh! My God. You wiped out the water and got it dried off, but it (the incident) might not let you believe that things have been fixed. You opened and turned on the MacBook, but you could find the files you had been working on.

Your Mac got Powered Down

You had been playing your favourite game on your Mac and it suddenly got powered down. Later, you found that the power backup was gone. You checked and found that there was a power cut while you were busy playing that game. Since your Mac was not shut down properly, there might be some threats to data stored on it. After the power connection re-established, you turned on your Mac and found exactly what clicked in your mind. Almost all of your downloads were missing and rest ones were corrupt or not responding properly.

In such events, it is pretty hard to believe that how come the files got disappeared or corrupt, while the system was booting properly.

MacBook Battery Blast

While reading this post, you may find this scenario pretty unrealistic, but it happens and causes massive data loss due to physical damages to the entire system, including its hard drive. MacBook and other portable computers are preferred by the users across the world, as they enable data access on the go. A very small and thin battery powers these machines, which needs to be charged properly. However, you sometimes get the battery overcharged, which is deadly and may cause some dreaded events. Go through the following scenario:

As your MacBook was about to power down, you connected it to the power switch. You received a call and moved out with friends, but forgot to switch off the power button. After you left, the battery of your MacBook got full and it was still charging. Unfortunately, due to excessive charging for a long time, the battery got blast and your MacBook was extremely damaged and burnt.

Well, the aforementioned scenario relates to physical damages to the MacBook, you cannot recover your data with a data recovery Mac tool. All you need to go for is data recovery services. On the other hand, the earlier scenarios discussing loss of crucial files while the system was working finely demand data recovery software. Get a reliable data recovery software for Mac, and then scan the complete or selected volumes of the Mac hard drive for recovery.


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