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Global internet shutdowns stats

Internet Restrictions In Africa Motivated by Politics, Asia Experiences the Most

2024 has begun with the Senegalese and Sudanese governments shutting down the internet in parts of their countries. This bad practice is unfortunately just...

Facebook is the Most Hated Social Media Platform by Autocratic Governments

According to Surfshark's annual report on internet censorship, in 2022, 4.2 billion people were affected by internet censorship worldwide. Asia accounted for nearly half...

Asia, and Not Africa, Lead in Internet Shutdowns

Asia is the most censorship-intensive region worldwide, a study has revealed. So far, internet restriction cases have decreased by 14% worldwide in the first...

The Most Data-Hungry Apps Are Ride-Hailing Services, Including Uber

A recent study conducted has revealed that ride-hailing and taxi apps collect extensive information about their users. According to the research done by Surfshark,...

Nigeria Has One of the Slowest Broadband Internet Connections Globally At 13.45Mbps

In the recently published Digital Quality of Life (DQL) Index, cybersecurity corporation Surfshark ranked 110 countries based on their overall digital wellbeing. On the...

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