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ushahidi basic plan free coronavirus

Ushahidi’s Basic Plan is Now Free in Support of Coronavirus Response

A number of you may not know Ushahidi, but it is a Kenya n tech company with a mapping platform that is used for...
mozilla ushahidi

Mozilla Awards Over Kshs 20 Million to Ushahidi

Ushahidi was awarded quite a lot of money by Mozilla

Ushahidi Needs to Act and Be Seen to Act on Sexual Harassment Claims

For an organization whose name literally means ‘testimony’, there appears to be a problem at Ushahidi. The company has been the subject of much...
ushahidi basic plan free coronavirus

Ushahidi Accused of Covering up Sexual Harassment Case “to Protect Ecosystem”

Ushahidi which was founded on the premise of mapping violence reports in Kenya in the 2008 post election violence, and known for all the good...
uchaguzi elections platform

Election mapping and Monitoring platform Uchaguzi launched in Kenya

Uchaguzi, an election monitoring platform has been launched in Kenya just 3 weeks before the 2013 Kenya elections. This platform came about as a...