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twitter copy paste

Twitter Rolls Out Attaching GIFs, Videos or Photos to Quote Retweets

Twitter's retweeting system has always been a mess but we have two ways to retweet: A plain simple retweet and the quote retweet where...
flip video

Do You Need to Flip Video and Turn it into a Mirror Image?

Do You Need to Flip Video and Turn it into a Mirror Image? Flipping a video to mirror it can be very useful. It can...
instagram longer video possible

Instagram Might Ditch 1 Minute Videos For Longer Ones

Instagram is mainly a photo sharing community but it's over 800 million users can also post videos as 1 minute snippets on the feed...
Apple Clips

Apple Announces Clips, An App That Lets You Create Potentially Viral Videos

Apple announces Clips, an app for making 'expressive videos' for iPhone and iPad

Drones Were Used To Make This Video Of Various Scenic Locations in Africa

Multiple drones were used in making of this epic video of various locations in Africa

Trending Video Shows that Kenyans are as Daring as White People

A video of divers plunging into the depths of a gorge in Baringo became a hit on Twitter and people expressed their shock towards the daring acts.

Apple Is Apparently Working On a Snapchat-like App

  Apple is both a software and hardware company and it is one of the few tech companies that are known to provide both in...

Google Adds Feature to Hangouts for Android That Was Already on the iOS Variant

Google Hangouts has been the company's long time messaging app and it gets love from time to time. This time however, the search giant...

You Can Watch the Wimbledon Tournament on a Live Video Broadcast on Twitter

Twitter might be a social networking platform that is experiencing stagnation in the acquisition of new monthly active users but it hasn't lost its...

Twitter ups its video platform and introduces monetization opportunities for Vine creators

Video is usually a big deal in social media sites and these companies know that it leads to higher engagement on the platform which...

Facebook Now Allows Video Comments

One of the many ways we use Facebook is commenting on our friend's comments and this has evolved from posting comments in text to...
Nairobi: A Timelapse Portrait

Kenyan Photographers Use Timelapse Photography to Showcase Nairobi in a New Light

A group of Kenyan photographers came together and decided to showcase Nairobi in a very different light. The results are amazing!
Youtube messenger

YouTube has apparently rolled out a feature to share videos natively

  YouTube is a huge social network in its own right. It has over a billion active users of which half of them use it...

Get ready for longer videos on Instagram

Instagram launched video on its platform after Vine, after the latter had shown that short videos are possible and people can be quite creative...

Someone uploaded the whole Deadpool movie on Facebook

The Deadpool movie based on the comic book character was hyped on social media since last year and it made us anticipate for the...

Instagram videos will feature view counters

Instagram's core feature was still photography with filters and it naturally people wanted to upload videos on the platform. When Vine launched and it...
snapchat's new video filters

Snapchat’s New Video Filters are Unlike Any Other

We are almost reaching a filter overload where every social network has an easy tool for people to add filters to their photos and...
Facebook suggested video

Facebook is testing a dedicated video feed and floating videos for iOS users

You may have noticed how Facebook’s News Feed works: When you interact with several posts from a certain category, you will end up seeing...
video uploads on Twitter web

Video Uploads on Twitter Web is Now Live, and This Changes Things

Twitter for web has been lagging behind the mobile apps when it comes to features except on the settings department where the web version...

Facebook’s New Tools Aim to Give Video Publishers More Control

Facebook announced two new tools that will help video publishers have better control of how they are organized and shared on the site....

Videos, Vines and GIFs Will Now Auto-Play on Twitter

According to Twitter's own data, 82% of its users view videos shared on their timelines. That number could rise depending on the success of...