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kenyans enjoy faster lte speeds than Wi-Fi

Kenyans Enjoy Faster Speeds on Mobile Than on WiFi

There are two popular ways people connect to the internet using their Internet ready devices: WiFi or mobile networks. The installed Wi-Fi could be...
Public WiFi

Closing Down the Personal Security Risks From Public WiFi

60 per cent of consumers think their information is safe when they are using public WiFi - completely unaware of the danger, or of its severity.
Free WiFi

How Free WiFi Can be a Costly Business for Users

Free WiFi is a marketing strategy that draws on customers’ immediate internet needs, but someone has to pay for it. What are these costs?
Super fast internet

Infrared-Based Wi-Fi Promises to Outclass Current Internet Speeds by A Hundredfold

Eindhoven University of Technology researchers, Holland have developed a wireless network using infrared rays that will do 100 times current WiFi speeds.
Free Public WiFi

Safety Concerns When Using Free Public Wi-Fi and Precaution Measures

There's a misconception that password-protected public Wi-Fi network is genuinely safe. It's not, and you risk exposing sensitive data to intruders.