Ict Board Call for proposals for development of digital content


The Kenyan Government has recieved credit from the International Development association amounting to US$ 114.4 million for Transparency and Communications infrastructure Project (TCIP). This money is intended for development of digital content and software application through the ICT board and the MInistry of Information.

1.The grant will be utilized in the government information portal for developing:
Specific content and applications,
Innovative new content and applications,
Urban and Rural Community based applications
2.Private sector content and applications including SMS and IVR and e-services
This will be used to support individuals and firms to develop innovative communications and information applications that utilise the web and mobile technologies.



  • Be a legally registered firm in Kenya
  • Firm must submit resumes  of the project implementers and show skills and qualifications to execute the project to completion
  • Have a valid Pin number
  • Must submit a complete grant application in english
  • Must submit a letter stating capability to see a concept through to complete with reference to similar projects that the firm has successfully implemented.

Visit  the ICT board website for Application Details


  1. This is a great initiative from Kenya ICT Board. Other State Corporations should follow suit with such initiatives.

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