Some facebook changes to marvel at

facebook unsubscribe

Facebook has made some noticeable changes to its usability of late. First and foremost, earlier today i noticed an unsubscribe text link while i was commenting on a friend’s image. This is a good step in the right direction since you wont have to get millions of facebook comments whenever you get tagged in an image or other media. facebook unsubscribe
So it works this way, your friend tags you in an image they think will please you, it turns otherwise and the other tens of people also tagged in that image comment in their hordes, to your dissaproval.
Previously, the only way you would have avoided this is by searching your name among the many names tagged in an image and click “remove tag”. This is not necessary now as you can keep the tag minus the comment notifications bogging you down.
Now, thanks to facebook changes that had been announced earlier, you can now click on the unsubscribe button and the notifications will cease. Note: this is reversable.

Another change i noted today was how the flike button below, (just click it and see how it changes) has changed appearance and is now a soft image with the like text and a small facebook icon, once you click on it it shows you 20 people and the famous thumbs up image.

Cheers, whoever at facebook thought about these two changes, look forward to better times ahead.


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