Virtual City rolls out mobile based technology

virtual city
Leading Technology Company – Virtual City has developed a mobile based technology to help in tracking of produce from the farm – in each of the processing stages – till they reach the shelves in European supermarkets.
The technology will help Kenyan companies be able to adhere to the stringent ‘rules of origin’ requirements – a system of due diligence used by EU authorities to ascertain the origin of exports destined for the EU market.
virtual city
Virtual City Managing Director, Mr. John Waibochi said there were significant benefits for the companies as their produce could be easily traced back in the supply chain – saving costs and ensuring efficiency.
“Use of technology is playing a critical role in the horticulture sector where it has enabled flower companies meet the stringent rules of origin by the European authorities’’, said Mr. Waibochi.
He further observed: “Our aim is to help companies realize the need for innovative use of technology that would save them money, instill efficiency in their systems, boost productivity and as a result improve their bottom-line.’’
Virtual City designs Technology Solutions that enable organizations to maximize the value of their IT investment by aligning IT with their business requirements, increasing business agility, managing business risk and optimizing IT infrastructure.
Virtual City is a market leader in the development, customization and implementation of innovative mobility solutions. It promotes use of technology not just as a tool of communication but also in the running of normal day to day activities and business processes within the organization. Its product offer is segmented into three very distinct but highly interrelated fields of expertise including Supply Chain solutions (Streamlining and management of supply chain business processes to increase efficiency and overall business productivity), Interactive solutions(provision of fully managed and relationship management systems