Some light moments at Micheal Joseph Centre


While we were at the awards of the Chase bank Enablis business plan competition, we had such a very nice time at the Micheal Joseph Centre. The ambience, the lighting and the food afterwards was great. Its long since the last time i had pastries. So after the dinner we were treated to some entertainment from one of the entrepreneur unexpectedly. I mean, we expected to laugh because we had good speakers, and of-course the celebration with the new half-a-millionaires and all, but not something as unexpected as this. See the video of Ms Lorna Ruto, the former B-comm student and light skinned lady who currently runs EcoPost Recycling Company, a company that deals in a recycling and manufacturing. This contributes significantly to environmental sustainability and ecological best practice. They divert plastic waste from dump sites, shred it and then use an injection moulding system to turn it to decking boards and fencing posts. Our entire products are very aesthetic, durable, and weather resistant and blend well into an urban setting or a natural environment. As well as reducing the quantity of waste going to landfill, EcoPosts provide an alternative to timber, safeguarding trees in water catchment areas.

See the video here, am not a good video cameraman, but the love is still there.


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