Eager customers describe their experience on Twitter as Chase Bank reopens


chase bank

Chase Bank has had quite the ride this past few weeks after their widely reported receivership which threw its loyal customers in a frenzy. Activity in social media about the bank’s health was one of the reasons provided by the Central Bank that led to the institution not having enough funds for day to day operations. This was the actual statement provided by the Central Bank.

Chase Bank Limited experienced liquidity difficulties following inaccurate social media reports and the stepping aside of two of its directors. Consequently, it was not able to meets its financial obligations on April 6, 2016.

After the collapse of Imperial Bank, people were worried that they will never access their deposits on Chase Bank. When the Central Bank governor announced recently that Chase Bank will reopen on 27th April under management of KCB, customers were elated and looked forward to that day.

Well, it is 27th April and people who were banking with Chase Bank visited the various branches and described their experiences on social media networks like Twitter.

Most people seemed to be visiting the bank’s various branches and ATM’s to withdraw their money. The bank set the withdrawal limit to 1 million per account but also encouraged them to open new accounts with them.

Since Chase Bank customers were getting back their money today, some people made fun of the situation in a good light.

This has been a long month for Chase Bank customers but that has not dimmed their enthusiasm for the bank where they praise the bank’s customer service.