Google marks Kenyan Jamhuri day in style

google kenya
Wow, i loved this image on google homepage

It being a sunday, i would be more prompted to tweet on my smartphone in bed, but i decided otherwise. Reason is my phone, though a great performer,  is a data guzzler while i have an unlimited data subscription from one of our local Internet Subscriptions Providers via fiber optic cable. That is how i left bed to go and fetch my computer and noticed this. Well, my computer’s homepage is google, which for a Kenyan page would be

So my computer booted and i opened my fav browser google chrome, only to be welcomed by this familiar image of the kenyan flag. Well done google, it feels so patriotic of you. 🙂

Sorry if you dont love twitter but thats my first stop for news, be it breaking , broken (pun intended) or current. So my fellow tweeps, please retweet this for the patriotic feel to spread. 🙂 I also celebrate achieving 1000 followers on twitter, thanx tweeps. So as i  celebrate jamhuri day (Independence Day) i got a double to be happy of.

Wow, i loved this image on google homepage


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