What mobile research findings by TNS reveal


Mobile Life 2011, a study into Kenyan mobile phone use and behavior by TNS RMS  research revealed a significant level of growth in mobile literacy in Kenya indicated by the steady growth of the mobile phone use as the primary media for communication at 86% as compared to 14% who use PC.

Yes! 86%.

Also Kenyans are largely using their mobile phones to access financial services which has taken off hugely as a result of its use in bill payment, receiving messages and paying for other services. This statistic is reflected in the percentage of Kenyans who believe mobile banking might just replace traditional banking services – due the convenience and ease the mobile phone offers.

“48% of Kenyans believe mobile finance can replace banks (traditional banking service),”Melissa Baker, CEO TNS RMS East Africa.

Among other findings the survey brought to the fore include; Kenyans are trending toward purchasing mobile phones that support applications, with 81% using the apps for social networking and 86% for music applications.

And the mobile market is still a flood with counterfeit mobile phone products with Nokia being the most affected brand as it dominates the Kenyan market with 63% handset share. However China made phones are also taking up a large portion of the market especially in Uganda.

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