Looking for comments to your blog? 7 ways you can achieve that

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Every blogger’s dream is to have millions of comments, and if you are selling a product and the blog is the customer care, you wanna have as much interactivity as possible.

This creates a buzz around your product and some potential clients might pick the whiff and go to your products site and buy something. Getting comments is not a reserve of the high and mighty in the blog world. We have seen small blogs picking hundreds of comments.

You must ensure though, that your blog posts work to the goal of your blog. Dont write gossip on a products sales blog just because you hear it arouses comments from every nook and cranny.

I have compiled a list of seven things you could do to get there. I am not a self confessed guru, but i think this is worth a try, i have sen it work on several blogs.

  1. Write controversial articles.

    When blogging and you have very formal articles that do not elicit much interest, like you are blogging about furniture and only people window shopping for some seem to land in your blog, its time to wrack your brain. Think about some article that would thought provoke your readers. Try to have some relevance though to your blog. You can try writing about how some furniture maker out of town is making furniture that is sticking on the ceiling to save space for those living in bedsitters. This would work well on april fools day.

    Image Courtesy of http://www.shoeboxblog.com/?p=14066

  2. Community, you comment i comment back

    When you comment on my blog and have a link to your site via the author details, i will be prompted to go back to your blog to return the kind gesture. Works well, kindness pays.
  3. Interactivity

    When somebody comments on your blog, take your time to reply to the comment. Makes the commenter feel like they have an impact to your blog, and that you value them. You will then create some loyalty in them.
  4. Talk to the people

    Yeah, talk to us readers. Dont write like you are a politician talking to faceless masses. We are here reading the blog article, and every person reads the article on his/her own. let us feel you are talking to us the individual, works well to massage the ego, the fruits are loyalty. You communicate better.
  5. Thank the bloggers presonally for linking to your blog

    On social media. when someone shares your content, its very good to thank them personally for the deed. You will find them actively sharing content from your site. Increases your coverage. 2+2=4
  6. Help others make money

    Now this is the epitome of blogging. If you want to make serious followers to your blog, assist your readers to make them money. Tell them where the deals are, how they can save, how they can make money from their efforts and ideas. You may offer one-on-one free tips, blog counselling, like say you are a property seller, tell them how easy they can make money by venturing into a certain market. Show me a person who doesn’t love to make money and i will show you a lier.
  7. Be neutral

    It doesnt hurt to stand in middle ground when you have a controversial article. When you have a discussion on your comments, you may lose readers from whichever side of the argument when you actively take sides. Try as much as possible to act as the moderator. Remember when 2 bulls fight, its the grass that gets hurt. You might be the grass.