Samuel Wanjiru death news spreading like wildfire on social media

Samuel Wanjiru

Samuel Wanjiru, an Olympic Marathon Champion has been embroiled in a case involving threatening to kill his wife after a family disagreement some while ago. The case was dropped by his wife after some soul searching, but the man couldn’t wriggle himself out of a charge of illegal handling of firearm, which was due for hearing a week from now.

News of his passing at the night of sunday at 11 pm reached the online world early in the morning as they woke. And is spreading fast, if this trending topic is to go by.

Samuel Wanjiru

Wanjiru was aged 24 and apparently he jumped off the second floor balcony after his wife found him in the bedroom with a woman. The woman ran out of the house and locked the main door leaving Wanjiru with no option but to jump out of the balcony to get his wife (maybe to apologize or get her in anger). This is according to reporting by Capital FM website.

Samuel Wanjiru is a trending topic in Kenyan local search and i predict it will be a global trending topic in a short while as social media plays its role in spreading information faster than mainstream media. Rest in Peace Samuel Wanjiru, and may his family have peace of mind during these trying times.

You can expect more of these as the day goes by

samuel wanjiru



  1. Something terrible was bound to happen to either of the two since they started there DISPUTES.
    Thats what money does once it gets into some kawaida guys head.

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