I blank this, another “like button” for wordpress

I blank this

I blank this, a new “like button” for wordpress by SloBros is available in the wordpress plugins directory. It works like the facebook flike button, but this appears like a line of text. I just noticed it takes the colour of your website link css style. Good thing about it is that you are able to configure this i blank text to appear as whatever you like.

You might want to use this is awesome!, I never knew that, or, Eww! This is gross!; the choice is up to you, unlike the fblike you have become used to that only allows you to select either recommend or like.


Here is the text image before “liking” the article.

i blank thisThe text after liking.

This is a wordpress plugin and is downloadable in the wordpress plugin directory here. The i blank this link is available below this article, so you might as well click and see it for yourself. Last time i checked there were 200 downloads so far, a very new plugin it is. And might be an answer to fblike, though there is no option to unlike.