Apps in Review: Zuru & Legit



Well, in Swahili, Zuru means Travel hence this app by symbiotic is used to connect, discover and explore. Its available on the ovi store both for Symbian and Series 40 phones. (I reviewed the app with a Series 40 phone)

When you launch the application, it displays the following screen:


At the screen, it prompts you to press the start button. When you hit the start button, it requests you to allow it to go to a certain web address. Allowing the request will close the application and will directly take you to a website entitled “Zuru” which explains what the Zuru service is about. In a nutshell, Zuru enables you to discover tourism destinations in Kenya and helps you explore them.

At the homepage of the website, there are several tourism sites shown. When you click on a tourism site, it gives a brief description about the place, its category e.t.c . Also at the homepage, there is a search bar at the bottom of the page of the website that enables a user to search  for websites.

Another good feature about the website is that there are tweet and Facebook share buttons which enable users to share the tourism sites to Twitter and Facebook. At the specific sites which have been clicked, at the button of the page, there is a comment area where you leave your name, email, phone and comments about the tourism site.


All in all, the Zuru app by Symbiotic is an example of a link app which directs you to a dedicated website which provides certain services. I recommend this app to tourists or frequent travelers who want to know various tourist destinations around Kenya.



Legit is the second app by Symbiotic. Legit is an app that offers a service that ensures you have access to legitimate and qualified professionals and service centres. Its logon Screen looks like this.


When you hit the LOOK UP button, it connects to the internet and loads this next screen.

Interestingly, the only choice in the drop down box was only ‘’health centres”


You can search the health centre as in this case, of your choice, I chose “Nairobi Hospital”. After validating the request, it brings the next screen:


When You click on The Highlighted “Nairobi Hospital”, it brings another screen detailing the hospitals Facility code, name, province, division, type, owner, location, sublocation, Description of location, constituency, beds, contacts… In short, it gives detailed information about a particular business

On the other hand, one particular annoying thing with the app is the lack of a ‘back’ button, which has been replaced with a ‘start’ button which takes you all the way back to the start sceen

In short, legit is a useful app for locating business and getting detailed info about them. Its therefore recommended to all.