Finding alternative power sources by Nokia power challenge

nokia power drain challenge

Nokia, through the IdeasProject, a community formed by creative thinkers, has launched Nokia power drain challenge. Nokia power challenge aims to receive application ideas for mobile platforms from creatives, developers, consumers and anyone who would have an idea of alternative power sources to cater for when you have dire need for recharging your phone but cant access the normal charging power drain challenge

As i Quote Nokia conversations “Simply put, we’re looking for the spark of an idea that will be an “App That Changes The World”.”

IdeasProject  is an online community for everybody from all around the world to   brainstorm. It enables the two-way exchange of ideas between users and   developers around innovation powered by Nokia.

So Nokia intends to solve these issues in a “Radically new way”.Nokia Power Challenge is looking for new ways to extend a mobile phone’s battery life. The project challenges users and every other person to submit ideas to solve this problem. The challenge has 45 days left and you can submit your ideas via the Nokia power drain challenge website. The challenge is sponsored by Nokia and the close of the submissions will be on 1st August when the best three ideas will be chosen by a panel of Nokia Accessory Experts. These top 3 idea contestants will receive the exclusive, collector’s edition Power Pack DC-11K.

Head over to the ideasproject site to make your submission and get more info.